My friends from abroad started to call me “merman” and its’ kinda stuck.

When the conditions are right, and the aquatic stars have aligned you’ll be sure to find me somewhere in Clovelly or Gordons Bay diving happily amongst the fishes.

So come explore the underwater wonderland that is my home, Gordon’s Bay & Clovelly, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Here you’ll meet Bluey the Groper, Beardy the Wobbegong and many other incredible creatures.

Located between the beaches of Coogee and Bronte, Clovelly Beach & Gordon’s Bay are part of an aquatic reserve. These hidden gems are a highlight of the six-kilometre coastal walk stretching the distance between Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach and Coogee.

Fun facts:

  • Did you know the Blue Groper changes sex over the course of its lifetime? All gropers begin life as a green-coloured female, before transitioning into a male and turning blue in colour as they mature. As they age, their Blue colour becomes brighter and more vibrant.