From water bottles to shopping bags, plastic is having a severe impact on the environment and causing great harm to our sea life. Jakob is a passionate advocate for green living and believes there are plenty of easy things we can all do to make a positive difference. Phasing out single-use plastics is a great place to start. Your contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

Top tips for ditching single-use plastics:

  • Bring your own reusable bags with you when you grocery shop, and eliminate the need for plastic bags
  • Refuse straws and plastic cutlery
  • Buy a Keep Cup for your daily takeaway coffee – you might even get a discount for bringing your own cup!
  • Carry a refillable water bottle and consume tap water
  • Don’t use single-serve coffee pods
  • Don’t buy body wash with ‘microbeads’ – these are often made of plastic, and fish eat them
  • Next time you’re strolling along your local beach, simply pick up and safely dispose of any plastic
    material that you come across – #take3forthesea

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